Lady Gaga Sued For $30 Million By Former Boyfriend/Producer

    Lady Gaga is being sued for $30 mllion by former boyfriend/producer Rob Fusari who claims that he is owed that money because he helped create the Lady Gaga brand, and helped write “Paparazzi,” and other songs. Lady Gaga’s people are declining comment at the moment.


    Fusari, who helped write Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West” and Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious,” claims he discovered Lady Gaga when he was starting an all-female version of the Strokes (which sounds like an awful idea), and he decided to make her a solo act instead. He claims he was the one who got Lady Gaga into the dance music stage of her career, deciding that she’d be better suited for that than the songwriter stuff she was doing. He also claims to have accidentally named her Lady Gaga when his phone’s smartype replace the Queen song, “Radio Gaga” with “Lady Gaga.” 


    Fusari says he and Gaga had a romantic relationship, after they signed a contract that gave him a cut of all her merchandise and royalties, that ended in 2007, and that’s why Gaga cut him out of his money. 


    I wonder how much money Lady Gaga has actually made, because $30 million seems like more money than she could even have by herself, none the less a producer’s cut. [RS]