Lady Gaga Stops Show To Break Up Fight, Possibly Has Low Self Esteem



    Though there is a chance that the fight Lady Gaga breaks up in this clip is staged, her calm handling of the situation is refreshing. If this had been Axl Rose, who has recently had to deal with some less than couth crowds, he probably would have stormed off stage and refused to come back until both parties were carted safely away from bottle throwing range. Gaga, however, uses her Jedi-like hold over her audience to stop the fisticuffs (slapicuffs?) and then go seamlessly into a monologue about how a bad experience in high school left her feeling unattractive. Lady, with the amount of money you’re pulling down, just pay somebody to tell you how nice you look. Get your affirmations before the show, and then play a little longer version of “Poker Face.” That’s what the kids want to hear. [Buzzfeed]