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Lady Gaga Stopped by Chicago Police for Not Wearing Pants

Lady Gaga's dislike for covering up is well documented, but apparently not with the Chicago Police Department. Lady Gaga, during a tour stop in Chicago, was stopped by Chicago police who had a problem with her choice of dress, or rather, lack of.


"I guess they weren't really pants at all, but it was really funny because all you saw was this half-naked girl on the street yelling at some cop," Gaga told the Daily Star. She also said to the officer, " 'It's fashion! I'm an artist!'." Uh-huh.


Lady Gaga also shed some light on her beef with pants for the U.K. paper: "It's not that I don't like pants," Gaga said, "I just choose not to wear them some days." That still doesn't explain why "some" seems to be "so many."

[MTV News]

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Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga is such a trip, which is why she's so entertaining.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/cessemi/in the mirror airbrushed.jpg Emily Tan

you just gotta love her!

awesome person

why are you so mean to GaGa! She is an artist!


She's not an artist. She's a skank, and I think it's disgusting. Her music is passable as far as pop songs go, but all of her videos are basically soft core porn-- how the hell they show that sh*t on regular TV now I just don't get it. Grosssssssssss


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