Lady Gaga Selected To Drop The Ball On New Year’s Eve

    Mayor Bloomberg has announced that he selected Lady Gaga to be his special guest on New Year’s Eve. The two will push a Waterford Crystal button and drop the ball in Times Square at 11:59 p.m. Each year, the mayor selects a special guest to assist in the count down and the big, anticipated ball drop. Past guests have included Bill & Hillary Clinton, Muhammed Ali and Colin Powell.

    In comparison to past guests, Lady Gaga seems like a rather odd choice. However, are we really surprised? After all, Mayor Bloomberg is one of the more polarizing figures in New York City, much like Ms. Gaga herself.

    Of course, the question that is probably going to be on everyone’s mind is what Gaga will wear. Is there a dress code for dropping the ball with his honor? We wait in great anticipation.

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