Lady Gaga Says Digital Copy Of ‘Born This Way’ Not Worth More Than A Dollar

    Amazon, to promote its new cloud service, offered Lady Gaga’s Born This Way for 99 cents on its release date. The traffic subsequently sank the retailer’s servers, and the deal was extended to a second. Amazon ended up owing Interscope in the neighborhood of three million dollars, but Lady Gaga recently told MTV they should maybe stop payment on the check:


    “It’s invisible. It’s in space. If anything, I applaud a company like Amazon for equating the value of digital versus the physical copy, and giving the opportunity to everyone to buy music.”


    While this opinion isn’t going to cause the collapse of iTunes, or even Amazon, perhaps consumers should ask for a little more with their digital downloads. Used to be an album purchase came with a lot of awesome plastic and a sweet booklet that discolored when left in the car. And now we’re supposed to pay the same amount without getting any of these things. Maybe Gaga has something here. [MTV]