Lady Gaga Records Naked In Studio, Flashes Boobs In Video

    Lady Gaga is recording her third studio album ARTPOP, and according to NME, she doesn’t like to wear many clothes while doing so. The usual tabloid ‘insider’ told a reporter for the Sun that “Gaga has really taken to the idea of naked recording. She has been recording vocals while she’s been completely starkers. She thinks it makes her voice sound better.” One hopes the themostat is cranked to high; we’d hate to think of Gaga coming down with pneumonia from too much nude recording.

    The nudity don’t stop there. In a recent Monstervision video for the fans who frequent her social network, Gaga dances around to her song “Scheiße” and flashes her breasts a few times. Which leads us to the real question: could Lady Gaga be the celebrity who can render conservatives, censors and agitated parents totally bored with the naked female body? Maybe Gaga’s overexposure will change the media’s attitude from “Indecent!” to “Meh, she showed her boobs again.” Watch the video below and decide for yourself.