Lady Gaga Pressures Senate On Behalf Of “The Gays”

    When she won her eight Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga thanked “the gays” for helping make her such a success. But those thanks may have seemed kind of empty without much action behind them, so now Gaga is going political.


    She has released a video (above) calling on various members of the US Senate to vote to allow a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, which demands that gay and lesbian members of the military stay closeted about their sexual orientation. In the video she lists several instances of abuse of the policy: “Not only is the law unconstitutional, but it’s not even being properly or fairly enforced by the government. Our fight is a continuum of the ever-present equal rights movement.” She then, on camera, calls her senators to register her opinion.


    Gaga is also heading up to Portland, ME, today to join a Servicemembers Legal Defense Network event and demand that Maine’s two moderate Republican senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, vote to allow the repeal of the policy. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) tweeted his support of Gaga’s advocacy and affirmed his stance in opposition to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell last week.


    Most political folks are already expecting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to be repealed, possibly as soon as this week, as next year’s Defense Authorization Bill comes up for a vote. The policy, put in place by President Clinton in 1993 as a compromise measure, has been largely controversial since its proposal.


    Regardless of your beliefs about the ethicality of homosexuality or war, we should all be able to agree that denying American citizens the right to defend their country — when they have chosen to risk their life for it — is pretty wrong. You can find contact information for your senators here.