Lady Gaga Offered Nearly 5 Million To Star In ‘Zoolander’ Sequel

    Looks like Ben Stiller’s dusting off the catwalk, as Zoolander 2 is purportedly in the works. Stiller will reprise his role as Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson has also signed on as rival (and Dashiki enthusiast), Hansel McDonald. And what about the ladies? As it turns out, you can put a price tag on love, and in this case, it’s a $4.8 million dollar price tag.

    According to The Sun, Stiller wants Lady Gaga so badly that he’s offering her a small fortune to play a “former love interest” (for the sake of comparison, $4 million buys roughly 33,000 Gardasil vaccinations). “Gaga is top of their wishlist,” said an unnamed source. “She has the talent and attitude – and an amazing sense of humour.”

    Other possible candidates for the role include Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima. [NME]