Lady Gaga Named Polaroid Creative Director

    Lady Gaga did almost suspiciously well in 2009. Her meteoric rise from relative obscurity as a Lower East Side performance artist to chart-topping industry juggernaut is well documented in the string of number one singles, awards and accolades she’s racked up in the past year. When’s the last time MTV’s Best New Artist also made Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People? She’s already met the Queen of England! Lady Gaga’s total domination of the pop charts is set to continue with November’s The Fame Monster EP riding high on the charts, but it looks like she plans to diversify in 2010. Polaroid has just made Gaga its new Creative Director. She’s already gushing about her new position. “I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer,” the singer remarked, “and as my father puts it, finally have a real job.” Polaroid promises that “new products by Lady Gaga will hit retail shelves starting in late 2010.” As to what exactly that entails, we’ll have to wait and see what develops.