Lady Gaga Makes RS “Hot List,” Deluded About Not Being Like Other Pop Stars

    Rolling Stone‘s annual Hot List includes, unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga, who also graces the cover of this month’s magazine clad only in (again, unsurprisingly) a clear pastic bikini adorned with faux bubbles. The photo spread and accompanying article includes quotes from Gaga pal Marilyn Manson who, ironically, may be the only person on the planet who can be accused of having done even more to get attention. In Gaga, he seems to recognize a kindred spirit:


    “She knows exactly what she’s doing,” Manson says to Rolling Stone. “She’s very smart, she’s not selling out, she’s a great musician, she’s a great singer, and she’s laughing when she’s doing it, the same way that I am.”

    For her part, Gaga separates herself from the pack in the Rolling Stone piece by stating, “I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers.” The line inspired a brief deconstruction of the singer from Idolator, which included these words of wisdom:


    “Lady, if you wanted to “not look like a pop star,” your “wild” photo shoot would have been styled with you wearing, I don’t know, a muumuu and curlers, or perhaps a burqa…Sorry! Perhaps now that you know this you can try to, I don’t know…at least stop touring with the Pussycat Dolls, who you really aren’t all that different from, despite your art-school protests?”


    To learn more about how Lady Gaga is not the new Madonna/Gwen Stefani/Christina Aguilera, pick up this month’s Rolling Stone, which is on newsstands now. [Rolling Stone via Idolator]