Lady Gaga Loves Kanye West’s Take on “Poker Face”

    The unstoppable Lady Gaga has spoken about her excitement over Madonna’s attendance at one of her shows in New York, but she has also been winning over some unlikely fans in the hip-hop world. Common and Kanye West collaborated on a song loosely based on Gaga’s “Poker Face,” which took the meaning of the song to a totally different level.

    “It’s funny, because a lot of my fans were like, ‘Gaga, Kanye wrote a song … and it’s not about what your record’s about,’” she told MTV. “Your record is about gambling. And this song is about dirty sex things.” But it turns out that Kanye has unique insight into how Gaga’s mind works, and has implicitly understood her intentions behind the song.

    “I said to them, ‘You’re wrong. Kanye was right,'” she said. “That’s exactly what this song is about. The record is about how I used to fantasize about women when I was with my boyfriend. It was, like, really exciting that he had so much insight into what the song was about. He’s a cool guy.”