Lady Gaga Launches Her Own Social Network

    If you think Lady Gaga hasn’t had enough fun spreading her gospel to her “Little Monsters,” well think again. The pop icon launched her own social network aptly titled Little Monsters.

    The site, which went live yesterday with the apropos message: “Welcome Home, Little Monsters!” describes itself as a place to “share your passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga”.

    After an easy registration procedure, users are able to share news and pictures, chat with fellow Gaga fans and purchase tickets to the singer’s live shows. They can also choose to “follow” fellow Little Monsters and exchange private messages.

    The network, which is a hybrid of Facebook and Pinterest, outlines a so-called “Monster Code” to ensure that it remains a “safe and accepting place for everyone”. Among other guidelines that the singer preaches is for users to “be brave”, “be tolerant’ and “be yourself.”

    Gaga isn’t the first pop singer to launch a social network. Kylie Minogue’s Kylie Konnect community went live in 2007, but has just 5,088 members, which hopefully for the pop star, isn’t a sign of things to come.