Lady Gaga: “Just Dance” Took Ten Minutes to Write, Once Had Sex in the Back of a Cab

    Get ready for a shocker: Lady Gaga’s first number one single, “Just Dance” took ten minutes to write, according to an interview the singer did with Heat Magazine. Considering that track’s clever wordplay and delicate songwriting, I would’ve figured it took her three, four minutes max.

    Also, in an interview with Fab Magazine, when asked where was the craziest place she’d ever made love, Lady Gaga answered, “In the back of a taxi in New York. It was fun.” The singer elaborated, “It’s always fun to do things that are sneaky. Sneaky in sex is good.” A couple of things: I don’t think you can call it “making love” if it happens in the back of a cab; I hope they wiped the seat down with hand-sanitizer, or something; and that kind of thing is bound to happen sooner or later if you refuse to wear pants.