Lady Gaga Is Training Gaga Jr. To Follow In Her Footsteps

    Anyone growing tired of Lady Gaga, and from the comments on this post it looks like there are quite a few of you, may want to head for the hills. It seems Gaga is grooming her little sister to follow in her footsteps, which means the prospect of Lady Gaga Jr. is very real and almost upon us.


    Her 17-year-old sibling Natali Germanotta is currently working with a New York-based vocal coach to prepare herself for the big time. “Natali idolises her sister so of course she wants to follow in her footsteps,” said an unnamed source in this ContactMusic article. “She’s spending a lot of time with her and sitting in on recordings. She’s got the bug.”


    “She has also taken to a playlist of Gaga’s favourite tunes and is tapping into her influences to fit in with her vocal style,” the source continued. Natali appears in the “Telephone” video as a prison guard, so she is already making steps in the right direction. But even hardened fans might find the prospect of two Lady Gaga’s a little much–especially as there’s already a pint-sized version out there.