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Lady GaGa Is Possibly an Illuminati Puppet, Still Probably Not a Dude

Though Lady GaGa still hasn't addressed the rumors that she is actually Lord GaGa, the Internet has already moved on to its next rumor about the singer. The website Vigilant Citizen has posted evidence that Lady GaGa is actually a pawn of the storied Illuminati group. After making the obvious connection from her stage name to Friz Lang's Metropolis, the argument moves on to physical symbolism. The lightning bolt in Lady GaGa's logo is an old Illuminati sign, and her tendency to hide one of her eyes in pictures of course pays homage to the "All-Seeing Eye," the very Illuminati symbol that appears on U.S. currency. The anonymous author continues on to dissect Lady GaGa's videos, but to be honest I found a better use for the Internet. [Idolator]

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Lady GaGa

People have commented before, but I will reinforce it,, killer headlines man...


OMG stop with all this sh*t about the new QUEEN of pop!!


That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard, At least they are hinting that she's a drag queen which we all know is true right?

David Flick

Burt Reynolds is your better use of the Internet? K.... guess New World Order must be lamer than the new Big Brother episodes... still shocked that your article came up in the top 5 for Google News Search of Illuminati


nobody cares about the stupid illuminati and their brain transplant children.) -dk


I don't see how covering an eye can pay homage to an all seeing eye. This guy is stretching facts,over analyzing details, and reaching way too hard, in short embarassing himself by showcasing his paranoia and over active imagination. typical conspiracy theory loser. Its embarrassing.


She also injects demonic symbols into her videos. Look it up for yourself. And she vulgar not to mention FUGLY




This is all false information!

Lord Gaga

no one even mention the triple 6 she is disguising as the [o.k] symbol. shes is a project monarch slave ! she is a pianist. turned whore for profit and to destroy young girls minds. end of story!


Was mindy being sarcastic or actually serious? I couldnt tell.
If she was being sarcastic then well done, you made me laugh!
If she was being serious, then maybe learning to spell and NOT use capitals might make people take you more seriously.
This person who wrote that is clearly intimidated by her ;) and has no life.
I mean how does a checkered floor mean shes satanic?!
And the way she 'gracefully' falls too? what? were they meant to show a mushed up body on a music video? When could that be aired? Psssh fool is CRAZY xD


checkered floor= free masonry the entire entertainment industry is run by satanists accepting lady gaga= accepting the devil so you can sleep with anyone in sight and not have any morals at all lady gaga is stupid. intelligent human = main purpose on life is to reach god and pray in the morning and live with purpose not dressing up like a prat to get some attention from the public is selling herself for a complete worthless thing on this planet she will never be satisfied if she keeps indulging in desires like madonna, jay z i'm sorry but micheal jackson was a peadophile. stupid celebrities= promote corruption to the world if this doesn't knock you senses you're just completely stupid and need to stop reading harry potter, watching twilight which is also stupid the daft chick in the movie falls in love with a vamp and wants to give up her soul for a stupid vampire and thats the best selling movie what the heck is wrong with your brain you're actually accepting prostituion when you listen to that daft madonna who hasn't even got an inch of wisdom in the screwed up little bratty brain, besides god is just to good for you the illuminati is real and you better start getting scared and start repenting because the end of the days are coming and only the select few will get chosen so you can keep debating for the rest of your life whether god is real or not and by the time he comes god it will be to late for you to save your soul because you think that you're above god and therefore make your own rules and ignore god because you're just too stubborn and pathetic that you just can't follow gods rules because you're a complete spoilt brat that thinks you can do whatever you want to and still go to heaven well it doesn't work that way and you have to prove to god that you are worthy of getting into heaven its just like everything in life if you want someone to believe in you, you have to prove that you are worthy and competent and say if you wanted to get into med school you can't just do want you to or believe what you want to and still get in, you have to go through the discipline and process of learning and get the grades and prove that you can cope with it its the same with heaven you've got to prove to god that you can become pure and clean to get into heaven you have to go through the whole process of purification to prove to god that you are competent enough and worthy of heaven because you can follow the saints way of life to become a saint and thats the only way to heaven and its just plain common sense you would get from reading the bible or any religious book for that matter of fact if you just stopped wasting your precious time reading the news, magazines watching big brother or x factor which is a complete waste of time its not going to get me into med school or heaven it'll just lead to unfulfilled empty desires, unhappiness, debaucheries and total garbage so please try to save your soul its the least you can do.


"Myeah" Your a great example of all those skeptics out there that do not think outside of the box. It is said that JAY Z - BEYONCE EMINEM - MICHAEL JACKSON were all illuminati. (This is possibly true but you have to understand that they were probably forced to have subliminal messages through their videos etc...) If they did not co-operate, chances were they get killed "Accidentally" ie : 2PAC - Bob Marley - Heath Ledger - etc... Do your research people and make sure to look at the big picture. Think outside the box! Because the media wants us to believe what they want us to believe. Don't be naive people!


What about Enya? The Irish musician, enya? It is said that no one can become wealthy like that that without selling out. Has Enya been co-opted also? Where is the evidence that can prove or disprove it? Does anyone know?


Who cares? The songs are catchy. I don't care if she's been mind controlled by the Illuminati under the Mall of America and then molested under Disney World. They're the government, and there's no stopping them.


Some of u r just naively ignorant.To succeed in this world,to get to the highest top, u need 2 powers - either from God or from the devil.I know what I am talking about.Those of you who don't believe in such things,just open your eyes wider and perhaps you will see...Hahahaha.


Well i believe every one is free to live like they want to, its up to u to make a decision that pleases God almingthy.


I agree wit myeah da end of times is coming da all industry actors prsidents are all involved wit da illimanti worshoping satan for fortune and fame dats pathetic god said all you need is tha faith of a mustard seed and he promises you eternal life i believe in jesus chirst and god i would never sell my soul to the devil no matter what god makes me happy Rot satan and everyone dat follows him soon they will see let Go And Let God


The Illuminati is real. I was abused by their mind control and it has take 20 years to be released from it. They do experiments on children and then sell their “research” to other countries to control their populace or their soldiers. Just like Hitler did. I suspect that the “Lady” was abused by the Illuminati and is just acting out of the programing that was previously put into place. She may not even be aware of what she is doing. She need to do through deprogramming if she is to ever be free.


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