Lady GaGa Is Possibly an Illuminati Puppet, Still Probably Not a Dude

    Though Lady GaGa still hasn’t addressed the rumors that she is actually Lord GaGa, the Internet has already moved on to its next rumor about the singer. The website Vigilant Citizen has posted evidence that Lady GaGa is actually a pawn of the storied Illuminati group. After making the obvious connection from her stage name to Friz Lang’s Metropolis, the argument moves on to physical symbolism. The lightning bolt in Lady GaGa’s logo is an old Illuminati sign, and her tendency to hide one of her eyes in pictures of course pays homage to the “All-Seeing Eye,” the very Illuminati symbol that appears on U.S. currency. The anonymous author continues on to dissect Lady GaGa’s videos, but to be honest I found a better use for the Internet. [Idolator]