Lady Gaga is a Fan of We Are The World (No, Not That One)


    Before yesterday, We Are the World were notable to most people for their odd choice of name, some notoriety built up via their flamboyant live performances, and a few well-placed press articles. Most folk probably had them filed as a “promising” new act who were almost impossible to search for on the Internet due to that pesky other band with the same name.


    But that all changed yesterday afternoon when Lady Gaga posted a link to We Are the World’s video for “Clay Stones,” and tweeted: “FAVORITE BAND “We Are The World” saw them live sick, video amazing.” And so the views of the video escalated, and naturally the comments followed, and somewhere a PR team grinned widely as one of their smaller acts got a whole heap of free publicity.


    We Are the World’s Clay Stones is out now on Manimal Vinyl.