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Lady Gaga Has Made Akon A Very Rich Man

Back when Lady GaGa was just a possible tranny without a record contract, Akon, rapper extraordinaire, took a chance on her by signing her to his KonLive music imprint. It was an excellent move, one that Akon says has made him a very rich man. Gaga has made him enough money that he can retire, he says.


"She's pretty much retired me," the singer said of Gaga, who is signed to his KonLive imprint at Interscope Records. "She was definitely a blessing. She came at the right moment. I'm glad I believed in her, boy. That goes to show you, if you believe in something strong enough, it will pay off."

I guess that's what that means to Akon. But to me, it means that I need to be a semi-famous rapper with enough clout to have my own record label, with which I will sign a performer that becomes more popular than me who will then make enough money for me to retire on. It could happen to anyone!


This whole story is telling in how little the labels actually know what's going to be a hit, since according to Akon, Jimmy Iovine didn't care about if Akon was going to sign her. Iovine just wanted to lock Akon into a deal with Interscope, and he could care less who came with him:


"And I was like 'Yo, I want to sign that right there. She needs to be under my umbrella,'" Akon said. "Jimmy was like 'Yeah, whatever you want. Take her. Let's get it done.' And she just blossomed into a super megastar, man."

[Via HuffPo]

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Lady GaGa

xa no matter what,Akon is da best! Gaga is a black moon


hey Akon dont leave us man gaga is only famous coz she act's crazy nd due 2 da things dat i've heard bou gaga,i would safely arrive 2 a conclusion dat she's over taken u.


First off Akon is not a rapper. He hasn't even crossed into the realm of r&b artist that try their hand at rapper. It's sad when people go on rants with their misconceptions. It's easy to see, you are not objective.


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