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Lady Gaga Has Made $167 From Spotify

Here's some ridiculous news for musicians/listeners/executives who think streaming services are the wave of the future: It was announced this week, along with protest by artists over their compensation for streaming sites, that Lady GaGa made only $167 from over a million streams of one of her songs over a five month period last year. That's $.000167 per stream. Think of the profits!


The thing this news makes clear is that streaming services are going to need some restructuring before they go mainstream. Including re-organized contract discussion with artists because that dollar amount is ridiculous. [Daily Swarm

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Lady GaGa

hmm interesting, don't think this is true, but what about when youtube gets millions of views of streaming videos/music by artists and they get squat?


Not only are the numbers factually wrong, they're not news either. Those numbers are 15 months old and weren't "news" even the last time they walzed around the Internet, a couple of months ago...


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