Lady GaGa: “Grace Jones, Androgynous, Robo, Future Fashion Queen”

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    That Lady GaGa, always wearing things (though rarely pants) and then saying things about the things she wears. Whitney Pastorek’s Entertainment Weekly article on the singer was a treasure trove of choice quotes to pull out of context. Here are some things Lady GaGa is not:


    Lady GaGa is not a feminist: "I think it’s great to be a sexy, beautiful woman who can f— her man after she makes him dinner. There’s a stigma around feminism that’s a little bit man-hating. And I don’t promote hatred, ever."


    Lady GaGa is not inhibited: "Being a woman in the pop world, sexuality is half poison and half liberation. What’s the line? I don’t have a line. I am the most sexually free woman on the planet, and I genuinely am empowered from a very honest place by my sexuality. What’s more primal than sex? I mean, it’s so honest. If I didn’t think I had the talent to back that up, I wouldn’t have done it."


    Lady GaGa is not attractive: "I just don’t feel that it’s all that sexy. It’s weird. And uncomfortable. I look at photos of myself, and I look like such a tranny! It’s amazing! I look like Grace Jones, androgynous, robo, future fashion queen. It’s not what is sexy. It’s graphic, and it’s art. But that’s what’s funny: Well, yeah, I take my pants off, but does it matter if your pants are off if you’ve got eight-inch shoulder pads on, and a hood, and black lipstick and glasses with rocks on them? I don’t know. That’s sexy to me. But I don’t really think anybody’s d— is hard, looking at that. I think they’re just confused, and maybe a little scared."


    She totally gets us!


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