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Lady GaGa: "Grace Jones, Androgynous, Robo, Future Fashion Queen"

That Lady GaGa, always wearing things (though rarely pants) and then saying things about the things she wears. Whitney Pastorek's Entertainment Weekly article on the singer was a treasure trove of choice quotes to pull out of context. Here are some things Lady GaGa is not:


Lady GaGa is not a feminist: "I think it's great to be a sexy, beautiful woman who can f--- her man after she makes him dinner. There's a stigma around feminism that's a little bit man-hating. And I don't promote hatred, ever."


Lady GaGa is not inhibited: "Being a woman in the pop world, sexuality is half poison and half liberation. What's the line? I don't have a line. I am the most sexually free woman on the planet, and I genuinely am empowered from a very honest place by my sexuality. What's more primal than sex? I mean, it's so honest. If I didn't think I had the talent to back that up, I wouldn't have done it."


Lady GaGa is not attractive: "I just don't feel that it's all that sexy. It's weird. And uncomfortable. I look at photos of myself, and I look like such a tranny! It's amazing! I look like Grace Jones, androgynous, robo, future fashion queen. It's not what is sexy. It's graphic, and it's art. But that's what's funny: Well, yeah, I take my pants off, but does it matter if your pants are off if you've got eight-inch shoulder pads on, and a hood, and black lipstick and glasses with rocks on them? I don't know. That's sexy to me. But I don't really think anybody's d--- is hard, looking at that. I think they're just confused, and maybe a little scared."


She totally gets us!


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Lady GaGa

I just don't know how to feel about Lady Gaga. Honestly, I've sat down and listened to her and tried to develop thoughts about her, to try and understand her, and I just cannot.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mattycakes/Kate+Bush.jpg mattycakes

That's because she's pretty awful, mattycakes. I think her only talent is that she dresses in leotards.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

thinking about Lady GaGa is like dancing about architecture.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/alexandria/n1474950012_30001741_1821.jpg alexandria

Haha, totally does sound like the modern feminists, who are angry at her for being a strong individual without a stigmatic feminist label.


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