Lady Gaga Goes Topless With Donatella Versace

    Lady Gaga and new gal pal Donatella Versace posed for famed photographer (and controversy-monger) Terry Richardson. The pair could easily pass as mother-daughter…something, perhaps bondage fetishists, with their matching eye makeup and platinum blonde hair. An uncensored version of the photo is posted at (NSFW, naturally).

    Gaga and Richardson have been friends for a while, the popstar even shaving her head to grieve his mother’s death. She and Donatella were also recently snapped casually “hanging out” on the Versace balcony, so they are clearly best friends too. Is this photo a publicity stunt or just friends doing a totally normal half-naked bathroom photoshoot together ? (Don’t pretend you never had Myspace.) [Idolator]