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Lady Gaga Debuts New Song 'Living On The Radio' In Minnesota (Video)


There has already been some talk of a new album by Lady Gaga—and, let’s face it, it’s about time she stopped bleeding The Fame Monster dry, even though it’s not hard to see why her record company are churning out single after single while she’s remains utterly ubiquitous.


Gaga debuted a new song, titled “Living on the Radio,” at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota, last night (Aug. 30), which she said was “straight from my soul to you,” to the audience. It’s a piano ballad, shorn of all other instrumentation, which hints that her career may take a markedly different turn—either that or this song just isn’t finished yet.


The lyrics are already online to read and the YouTube clip from the show (above) is bound to get huge views, so by the time this is actually recorded it will feel like old news, such is the cut and thrust nature of releasing music out into the world these days. We will find out when the Fame Monster follow-up is released in the new year.


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