Lady Gaga Collapses On Stage in New Zealand (Video)


    The celebrations surrounding the release of the video for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” which is now standing at over 17 million views on YouTube, didn’t last long. Gaga headed to New Zealand to resume the Monster Ball tour shortly after the video was thrust on the world, and subsequently collapsed on stage.


    Is Gaga overdoing it? Reports of a similar collapse emerged in January during a show in Indiana, and this latest incident suggests she should take her foot off the gas. But that’s unlikely to happen with so much money at stake, especially in a music industry desperate to find anyone who can bring in a few bucks.


    Gaga wobbled on her feet during a show on the tour and hit the ground, seemingly suffering from exhaustion. The incident occurred during a version of “Bad Romance,” which was completed with the singer sitting on the floor. But the show must go on, as no reports of cancellations have yet emerged following this latest mishap.