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Lady Gaga Bows To Tremendous Nerd Pressure, Gives Weird Al Okay To Parody "Born This Way"


Rather than join Coolio, Paul McCartney and Prince as the only artists lame enough to admit that a little parody action gets their goat, Lady GaGa has relented, after a little explanation about supposed "confusion," and given Weird Al permission to give his treatment to "Born This Way." What did Lady GaGa give her permission to? Listen for yourself, but I'll break it down quick and easy: I listened to "I Want a New Duck" a lot when I was ten. This is no "I Want a New Duck." All the proceeds from the song will go to the Human Rights Campaign, though, so even lame jokes in song can do some good in this crazy world. [Aux]

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Lady GaGa
Weird Al Yankovic

What an odd story this was, especially if you read Weird Al's blog post on the situation. Wonder what the "real" explanation behind the initial no was and how they're trying to spin it after Al eviscerated Gaga and her team.

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