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Lady Gaga Announces New Single For February 2011

Little monsters (and those who prefer to just be called “people who are into Lady GaGa,” presumably) will be excited to learn that the former Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has new music on the foreseeable horizon. Though scant on details, GaGa did tell fans via her website that her new single will be available sometime in February 2011. The single will be the first off Lady GaGa’s second album, which is interesting because 1) sophomore slump threatens all of us and 2) she really deserves a medal for the mileage she got out of that first one. Though the singer didn’t announce the name of the single, she did say the album – titled Born This Way – is like "bad kids going to church, having fun on a high level."




Anyway, for more on Lady GaGa’s upcoming single – and to watch a video of her giving thanks to fans and telling them that not being able to play songs from the new album yet is “killing" her – visit [Billboard]

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Lady GaGa

Sophomore slump ? what the flock.

The Fame Monster, her 2nd album as Lady Gaga, is 8 original songs that have nothing to do with The Fame, her first.

The sophomore slump has been more than crushed. Fame Monster was creatively surprising, considering the fairly short amount of time between both albums ...

If this album is as good as she claims, Madonna will ofifcially be dethroned.

In a nutshell ... you flockers don't realize just yet how much talent this girl has ... Stefani will likely blow your mind the the next 15 years ...

Idiocy Radar dawt cawm

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