Lady Gaga and Kanye West’s Fame Kills Tour May Be Canceled


    Lady Gaga was talking with some enthusiasm about her joint tour with Kanye West earlier this week, but it’s now looking like the venture may be called off. Rumors have appeared on MediaTakeout that indicate Gaga may be pulling out of the tour, with an official announcement expected to be made tomorrow (Oct. 2).


    Where MediaTakeout obtained this information isn’t clear, although they say it comes from “an extremely reliable source.” MSNBC is reporting further rumors that West may check into rehab for alcoholism after the Fame Kills tour with Gaga, although none of this has been officially substantiated yet either.


    MSNBC claims that gossip magazines have pointed towards West’s alleged alcoholism as the primary reason behind his VMAs outburst, and report that he was swigging from a bottle of Hennessey cognac on the red carpet outside the show. What we need now is for West to fire up his blog and type out an all-caps tirade denying all this, because the world really needs the Fame Kills tour.


    [Media Takeout/The Daily Swarm]



    Lady Gaga and Kanye West’s Fame Kills Tour Canceled