Labels pin ’08 hopes on fall releases

    Rolling Stone has a report on the state of record sales in America (they’re down!) and how record labels are pinning their hopes for 2008’s fiscal year on the fall release of albums from major artists like U2, Metallica, AC/DC, Dr. Dre, Beyonce and the Black Eyed Peas.


    Citing big weeks from years past (like 2004 which saw releases by U2, Eminem, and Gwen Stefani come out in the same week), labels are hoping the late year push will make up for the fact that sales have been down 11% this year.


    I’m skeptical as to whether or not this will pan out for record companies, because placing all your eggs in the basket of band’s who offer only 10 second streams of songs, or are selling their albums only in Wal-Marts is a daring strategy.
    [Rolling Stone]