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Label Team Love starts "Team Love Library" to give away music for free

Finally. Instead of declaring war on the internet and downloaders, a record label has come up with a sensible solution to the copyright war: give up.


Independent label Team Love Records has announced the Team Love Library, a rotating selection of content that registered users of the library will be able access at no cost. To be fair, the label claims that they've had the idea since the label was begun by Conor Oberst and Nate Krenkel in 2003. Maybe their path has become clear due to the fact that the RIAA is still suing people at random and no viable legal solution has been reached in five years. The library promises to offer "Team Love albums as well as exclusive content such as unreleased songs, live or remixed versions of TL favorites."


And just in case you were wondering, Team Love's artist roster includes Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins, Tilly and The Wall, Gruff Rhys, and The Felice Brothers. Register to use the library here.

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Gruff Rhys
Jenny Lewis
The Felice Brothers
Tilly and the Wall

If you were innocent and attacked by the riaa or Directv, the US Justice system should have protected you. This because it is illegal to sue someone when you know the suit to be false. If you did not do what they said, they then have had to lie in court documents. If the US Justice failed to defend you then you should do just what justice did to you. The next time you are a juror or witness, ignore justice the same they did you.


Don't you just love the poor reading comprehension skills of people on the Internets? I know I do. Endless amusement.

Gabi Porter

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