L.A. Today: Sebadoh

    Sebadoh/The Bent Moustache

    Aging definitely seems to be mellowing Lou Barlow out (or maybe it’s all the weed he’s smoked over the years). Barlow’s ill will towards J. Mascis for dumping him from Dinosaur Jr. was so legendarily immense, it seemed like a snowball’s chance in hell that Dino’s original lineup would ever reform. But they did, conquered the world on tour last year, and are soon to release a new album. Inspired by that recovery, Barlow has now summoned the classic lineup of Sebadoh: Eric Gaffney, Jason Lowenstein, and himself. The deluxe re-release of their classic Sebadoh III last year proved how long a shadow the trio still casts over today’s indie rock scene. Barlow promises the band will revisit songs from every age of Sebadoh. That means plenty of Gaffney’s spastic rockers, Lowenstein’s darker-tinged growlers, and Barlow’s often sweetly sublime bedroom folk. Opening is The Bent Moustache from the Netherlands, a shambolic collective that proves Sebadoh’s influence reaches ’round the globe. (JZ)
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