L.A. Today: Intronaut

    Intronaut @ Mountain Bar, 4/30

    This here is the final Prefix LA Events preview for a good long while. We’re going on indefinite hiatus – time to travel the world, find ourselves, maybe even sleep. It’s been real, folks!
    “Fanboy” is a slang term for men (and women, I suppose) who find it impossible to say anything negative about a subject near and dear to their heart. G.W. Bush is a fanboy for Dick Cheney’s policies, Dick Vitale is a fanboy when it comes to ACC basketball, and Prefix’s outgoing Los Angeles Events Editor is the ultimate fanboy for Intronaut. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at what Mr. Rosenbloom has had to say about the band during his tenure. This February, he wrote, “Intronaut … bring a nobility to death metal with a set of incredibly well-constructed and emotionally varied opuses.” You call that fawning? How about this [more:]-Rosenbloom’s contribution to the staff’s best of 2006 list – “the band’s debut easily eclipses Blood Mountain and maybe even the rest of Mastadon”’s [sic] catalog.” Spelling errors aside, I’d say this is your run of the mill pandering. Perhaps his full-length review of Void would adequately convey his undying love for all things Intronaut? This is a good start: “I was in love with Void before I ever knew the band was recording it.” Better, but still lacking a certain something…a certain disconnect from reality. Oh, here we go! “If Intronaut isn’t the future of death metal, I don”’t want to live to see the future.” Well, if that does make you think Rosenbloom should have to register as a convicted Intronaut fanboy, then I don’t know what will. And I have an admission of my own: I”’m an unabashed Etan Rosenbloom fanboy. I just can’t say a bad thing about the guy. Vaya con dios, muchacho.(ZH)
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