L.A. Boutique Defends Release Of New Charles Manson Album

    Manuel Vasquez, owner of the Beauty is Pain boutique in Los Angeles, produces records in his spare time and sells them at his shop. Ususally this brings a little extra cash into the business, but the artist involved in his latest effort has garnered some negative publicity. Just Fucking Around is an album recorded by Sixties boogey man Charles Manson sometime in the mid-Eighties while he was incarcerated in Vacaville, California. The tape passed through a couple of owners and wound up with Vasquez, who pressed a 40 minute vinyl album from it. Though some who remember Manson’s deeds in the Sixties couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to listen to him sing, this is simple: any publicity is good publicity. Vasquez has achieved job one- we all now know that Beauty is Pain exists. He should probably start looking for another act right about now. [Brooklyn Vegan]