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La Blogotheque Wants To Send Polyphonic Spree To Uganda


La Blogotheque, the excellent music performance blog responsible for the Take Away Shows, is launching a new endeavor via Kickstarter where the blog plans to sens The Polyphonic Spree (and two other bands yet to be named) to Uganda to shed light on the child soldier civil war happening there. The project is in unison with Invisible Children, a non-profit that's dedicated to improving the lives of the child soldiers, and will happen in March. Once there, the bands will perform in Uganda and learn about the Civil War. You can go here to donate to the cause. If you donate $25, you'll get a postcard, and $1000 or more gets you a variety of knicknacks. A trailer for the project is above. [via Pitchfork]  


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The Polyphonic Spree

If you’re interested in other crowdfunding ventures similar to this you should definitely check out It’s a really successful crowdfunding site that just opened up its platform to support projects like this.



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