Kurt Cobain Letter Bashing MTV Will Be Auctioned Off

    England’s New Musical Express is reporting that a handwritten letter written by Kurt Cobain bashing MTV will be auctioned off next week. The Nirvana frontman at some point penned a diatribe against the cable network, calling it “Empty TV” and “the entity of all corporate Gods.”


    The letter isn’t dated, but it’s instructive to remember that Cobain and company did appear on MTV in late Nov., 1993 — five months before Cobain’s suicide — to do an unplugged set. Was he angry afterwards or beforehand? And if it was before, why did he agree to do this gig? Whatever the case, no one from the Nirvana camp has ever pulled the DVD off the market out of principle, that’s for sure.


    The letter will be auctioned off at Julienslive.com on Oct 11, with bidding closing at 3 a.m. British Standard Time.


    [New Musical Express]