Krist Novoselic on “Secrets” Behind Viral Kurt Cobain and Notorious B.I.G. Photo

    East Side Meets Pacific Northwest Side.

    Biggie Kurt Cobain Together

    Krist Novoselic, former bassist for Nirvana and political activist, recently answered fans questions about the photo making its way around the internet of Kurt Cobain and Biggie Smalls. The photo, which Trap Lord rapper A$AP Ferg called “Hands down the best picture I have seen in my life,” features Biggie sitting in the front seat of what looks like a van and Kurt sitting in the seat behind him. Also shown are a mysterious pair of hands holding a pack of cigarettes at the edge of the frame.

    “It’s real, but has been cropped. The person holding the pack of smokes is Tupac,” Novoselic told a fan jokingly on Twitter. Fans were ready to believe that the reluctant king of grunge would be casually chilling with the Brooklyn rapper, despite the fact that Biggie’s first album didn’t come out until five months after Kurt’s infamous suicide. Unfortunately for fans, the picture turned out to be two different pictures photoshopped together. One of the pictures is Biggie sitting in the front seat of a much nicer vehicle(at least from what you can tell from the interior) than the van featured in the photoshopped image and in the second real image of Kurt and cigarette pack holding Pat Smear, guitarist for punk band The Germs and In Utero era Nirvana, sitting in said van.

    Cobain does, however, have plenty of ties to the rap game. He famously shouted out Public Enemy in a list of his favorite albums of all time in the collection of his notebook writings, Journals. Plenty of rappers shout out Kurt as an influence as well including: Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka Flame, Kendrick Lamar, MGK, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler The Creator, Freddie Gibbs, and Jay-Z. Unfortunately, the only connection Kurt, Biggie, and Tupac really have is the collab album we’ll all collectively dream about from now on because of this photo.

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