Kreayshawn Talks Azealia Banks And Kid CuDi

    With a new album slated to drop on Tuesday, Kreayshawn has been pretty busy as of late. As everyone knows by now, her song “Gucci Gucci” became a viral hit, winning her legions of followers and an equal number of haters as well.

    In an interview with DdotOmen, the rapper talks about a number of topics including squashing the beef with Azealia Banks and working with Kid CuDi.

    On Banks, Kreayshawn says that the reconciliation happened in Japan this past spring and described the situation as “a misunderstanding and was easily fixed.”

    As for CuDi, she gives credit to her executive producer Jean Baptiste for setting that up.

    “He’s like friends with him and he [Cudi] was just coming by the studio, hangin out and shit,” she explains. “Me and CuDi got into this conversation about punk [rock] and we were watching his short films and his acting stuff like that. It was cool, cause he was really different as an artist, kinda like I am, so we could create something make a punk song. I don’t know, it just kinda wasn’t like a plan. I don’t know, maybe Jean secretly planned it but it was cool.”