Kreayshawn And 2 Chainz Connect For 2 Videos: “Breakfast” & “Murder”

    Your favorite rapper (not really) Kreayshawn teamed up with your favorite rapper (this one would be acceptable) 2 Chainz for two brand new videos. The first is for “Murder” a track from Tity Two Necklace’s T.R.U. Realigion mixtape. In the clip, Chainz and Kreay hang out on the set for Addam’s Family and eat dinner. Which is what these two mean when they say murder, I guess. 

    The two BFFs have connected for another video too: It’s for Kreayshawn’s “Breakfast,” a song that stretches a metaphor about syrup to a ridiculous length. The video stretches it even further, as it features Kreay and her White Girl Mob pouring Hungry Jack all over themselves and all over pancakes. It’s mad dumb, but then again, is anything Kreayshawn-related not mad-dumb? Like even her record contract is mad dumb. Though, the highlight is having 2 Chainz waste like four bars yawning and saying he’s waking up. Dude is still the current champion of guest verses. Kreayshawn’s Something Bout Kreay is due out on Aug. 14.