Kraftwerk Ticket Crisis Results In Apology Letter From ShowClix

    Yesterday morning, music nerds the world over were salivating in front of their computers. Legendary German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk announced an eight-show series at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and at each show they would perform, in full,  a different one of their albums. At noon yesterday, those tickets went on sale, and things quickly went bonkers. If you follow any music fans on Twitter, you were likely treated to a lot of frustrated tweets about site timeouts, ill-timed reloads, and “the queue,” wherein many people were treated to a rotating circle for more than an hour.

    MoMA had partnered with ShowClix for online distribution of the tickets, and in response to the waves of mutilation surely about to come down on their heads, today ShowClix CEO Joshua Dziabiak released a statement on the issue. You can read it in full here. The basic rundown is that ShowClix had a glitch in one of the systems they had dedicated to handling the Kraftwerk ticket traffic, leading to problems for anyone attempting to buy MoMA tickets. Respect to ShowClix for owning up to the issue, apologizing for it, being transparent about the nature of the problem, and promising for things to be better in the future. I’m still pissed I can’t see them perform Autobahn, though. [BV]