The Knife Share Two Mysterious New Videos – Watch

    The cryptic band releases two new videos after nearly a three year hiatus

    Swedish electronic music duo The Knife, notorious for their rare public appearances and elusive relationship with the media, has returned to Facebook after a three year hiatus from the public eye to unveil a new band logo, as well as two mysterious new videos. Despite the group’s reps claiming that The Knife would “officially be no more” after touring for their album Shaking The Habitual in November 2014, The Knife’s Facebook page was updated this morning with a new profile picture, revealing a neon green and pink band logo (shown above), in addition to two surreal, abstractly shot videos, both under a minute long.

    The first video, entitled “Mother of Knives Cooking Class,” features a human figure in a dress, wig, and eerie mask, standing in a kitchen and chopping various foods (and, at one point, Fever Ray’s hallmark bird mask) with a knife. The band’s song “Networking” can be heard in the background, while the video’s visuals warp and twist as the track crescendos toward the end of the scene.

    The second, reminiscent of Instagram artist Stephanie Sarley’s sensual work, which features fruits and vegetables being pulverized or dissected, was released as the band’s Facebook cover video. The video perpetuates the motif of food being mutilated by a knife. Unlike “Mother of Knives Cooking Class”, the band’s cover video is soundless and simple in comparison to its predecessor, featuring a single close-up shot of the blade of a knife hovering gently over a gummy cherry before slicing it in half.

    Despite the relative silence of Karin Dreijer’s musical projects since the announcement of the disbandment of The Knife in 2014, this sudden Facebook update could suggest that the duo may be releasing new music very soon. Watch both of their strange new videos below.

    Posted by The Knife on Thursday, August 10, 2017

    Mother Of Knives Cooking Class

    Mother of Knives Cooking Class

    Posted by The Knife on Thursday, August 10, 2017