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Kleerup to Release Debut Album

Andreas Kleerup's probably most notable for second fiddling it for Robyn in that popstar's hit, "With Every Heartbeat," way back in 2006. Now Kleerup is stepping into the spotlight with his self-titled debut album.


The LP will feature s the previously released "Until, We Bleed" with Lykke Li, "Longing for Lullabies" with Titiyo, and "With Every Heartbeat," which also appeared on Robyn's self-titled album. Kind of like how "The Boy Is Mine" is on Brandy and Monica's albums, right?


Kleerup is out July 28 on Astralwerks. Tracklisting below.


1. Hero

2. Until We Bleed

3. Thank You for Nothing

4. With Every Heartbeat

5. Tower of Trellick

6. Longing for Lullabies

7. Music for Girl

8. Chords

9. Forever

10. 3AM

11. On My Own Again

12. I Just Want to Make that Sad Boy Smile

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