Klaxons Reveal Details of New Album, ‘Surfing the Void’

    Brit nu-rave band Klaxons were forced back into the recording studio to re-tool their second album, which seems to have taken forever to complete. But it’s now (finally) almost upon us, and the band has issued more details on its release, including the title and track listing.


    Surfing the Void will be issued in the U.K. on August 23, and will be preceded by a single titled “Echoes” on August 16. Ross Robinson, who worked with artists in that other nu- prefixed genre, nu-metal, including Korn and Slipknot, produced the record in Los Angeles.


    Full track listing for Surfing the Void:



    The Same Space

    Surfing The Void

    Valley Of The Calm Trees


    Extra Astronomical

    Twin Flames


    Future Memories