Klaxons Album Delayed Until 2010

    The members of British nu-rave band Klaxons predicted that the world would end in 2012 on their track “Four Horsemen of 2012.” This hasn’t stopped them from delaying their album once again, with their second record now due just two years before the human race is wiped out.

    While we wait for the doomsday clock to tick closer to midnight, Klaxons member Jamie Reynolds has been talking about the recording process. “We’ve now got 28 songs and we’re just about to put it together as a complete record,” said Reynolds. “We’re looking for a producer and if anyone out there makes records, give us a bell.”

    The struggle to find a producer seems to be at the heart of their problems, although Klaxons record label has also caused a number of problems for the band. “We’d really like to put out the first great record of the 2010s rather than the last great one of this decade,” said Reynolds. “Now that’s become an aspiration and a goal.”