Kitty Pryde Storms The Internet With “Okay Cupid”

    Kitty Pryde, I wanted to be you when I was 12. I like to think I’ve come a long way since those days, but this track is making me paw around frantically for my blueberry-scented body glitter, only to realize it dried up and got thrown away in 1998, which may or may not be before this precocious redhead was born. (She told Vice this week: “I kind of like the mystique of nobody knowing my real age.”) By unconfirmed reports, she’s 17.

    Kitty’s into harder stuff anyway (maybe not “doing lines,” but definitely “Bud Light Lime”), and her scrappy pubescent pout-rap sounds oddly like the real deal. It’s tempting to call her “the new Uffie” or “a teenage Kreayshawn,” and her aesthetic might look like something the internet barfed up, but these rhymes are not derivative: her chirpy sass is all her own because her words are actually clever and her rhymes are complex.

    She’s been kicking around for a minute, publishing coquettish cell phone pics and Justin Bieber-themed raps on her Tumblr (NSF dubs), but “Okay Cupid” is the song that finally got the internet’s undivided attention, thanks in part to production help from Beautiful Lou.

    Watch the video to “Okay Cupid,” premiered by Fader today, below:


    Now you can go off and wonder what this means for the future of white girl rap, or of the internet. I’m going to go play this nonstop like an animated gif.