KISS’s Paul Stanley Reveals He Never Liked Ace Frehley And Peter Criss

    For a band that’s been around 40 years, KISS still knows how to make news. In a recent interview, Paul Stanley reveals that he not only wasn’t fond of guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss, but wasn’t friends with them either.

    “Friends? No I was never really friends with them,” The starman tells “The band was never about friendship, the band was about commitment to a cause, but friendship? We were all very different people.”…

    “I loved them for what we created together, I certainly don’t love them today,” he said of the duo. “But the band as it is today is far more the embodiment of what we started than what we became.”

    “They were instrumental in what we created as a team, but they became impossible and intolerable, on more than one occasion necessitating their removal. And unfortunately when people don’t really learn from their mistakes they repeat them. At some point you just lose tolerance. It’s ultimately disrespectful to the fans to not give them what they deserve. I don’t miss them.”

    If you were hoping for a reunion for the original lineup, you can kiss that goodbye.