Kinks reunion: ready to Do It Again?

    Well, why the hell not? Every other boomer rock band has been mending its rifts and heading back out to stride the boards once more, so why shouldn’t the Kinks? The long-standing fraternal enmity between Ray and Dave Davies shouldn’t prove to be any more of an impediment to a reunion than that of other formerly warring bandmates, should it?


    Wellll…according to Ray, the Kinks are working on a batch of new songs, and he told the BBC "I’d like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do." However, that collaboration seems to have not yet included brother Dave, who has stated that Ray’s been doing "karaoke Kinks shows" in the past, and that a reunion would be like a "poor remake of Night of the Livin (sic) Dead." Ray seems to laugh this off as part of the brothers’ usual back-and-forth, though, and remains unfazed. What say you, Kinks fans, can the Davies brothers heal their wounds and make nice, or is the world doomed to a Kinks-less future?