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Kings of Leon unveil <i>Only by the Night</i> track list

Last week they let everyone have a listen of the supposedly political Crawl,” this week, Kings of Leon have revealed the track list to their upcoming LP, Only by the Night.

Only by the Night is due out on September 23 via RCA, and the first single, “Sex on Fire” (so, which one of the Followill’s has gonorrhea?) is due out a week earlier.


Only by the Night track list:
 01 Closer
02 Crawl
03 Sex On Fire
04 Use Somebody
05 Manhattan
06 Revelry
07 Seventeen
08 Notion
09 I Want You
10 Be Somebody
11 Cold Desert

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Kings of Leon
Track list

This is, by far, the Best Kings CD yet!
They've created a new sound while staying true to their southern rock roots.
It's full of meaningful lyrics, moving ballads, catchy beats, and rich vocals.
It's fresh, comforting, and a beautiful listen.
This only makes me love the Kings of Leon even more!


i love this band so much!

i love sex on fire so i cant wait to here the rest of the abulm!

i love you kings of leon!!!


I had a friend say he didn't like


dont laugh who ever reads this, but the first time i heard Use Somebody... i cryed. Its an amazing song. I Want You is a super fun song and i love it.


Haha - I cried when I heard Closer!!
But happy crying.
My best mate's favourtie is Use Somebody and mine's Closer. Love them all though. Such a good album. :)


Closer is by far the best track I have heard in many years, his voice is just incredible!! Going to see them in Dec in London, can't wait!!!


it is a tremendous album. Im not a huge fan but i bought it anyway and its full of beautiful songs. Its up there with joshua tree and ten as far as classic albums go. Its good to see that they have evolved into a band who are extremely relevant in this age. Whereas many of theirs go awol after one or two records.

Use somebody is amazing.

seamus McLoughlin

man this album blows apart from a few standout tracks

do they wanna use some instuments at all,i think one song can maybe hear a guitar along with some vocals.

i dont think anything will beat because of the times and aha shake heartbreak craps over this new album as well

would of liked alot more from such a kick arse band


your a gronk rowan


Ermm yea .. ok .. you could say that !

Ranting Ray

Bought this as I'd heard a few good KoL tracks, and gave it a fair few listens through last night. Brought it into work today to give it another go...

Honestly.. bit dissappointed so far. I hope it's a grower but only a few good tracks so far. I will get the earlier albums to see where they are coming from with this album, I would probably recommend you do that before getting this one.

I certainly do not understand the OMG THIS ALBUM IS THE GREATEST blah blah mentality as it definately does not strike those chords if your NOT ALREADY a massive fan of KoL.

Try listening to it first in a store or something before buying. I'm certainly left wondering what happened to the genius I heard in the other songs (A bit like the Hoosiers, but you get sick of hearing those real quick).

Some of the music styles are quite cool though, and then let down by his out of tune voice, almost as if they were performing some of the songs live instead of in a studio. (maybe I'm missing something on their style here, as this is the first album of theirs I own).


i cantt spell ti sate my life! i hate my life! i just want to end it! i hate you i hate the kings of leon and i hate everything about them and life itself! why dont i just go and kill myself! your all pathetic! u have no life i wish u would go and die in a hole somewere! Fcunctk

penis brains

this album is quite good but doesnt come close to their early work which i thought was amazing i like the southern sound of the lead singers voice old style rock


It's ok. Certainly more mellow than previous releases, probably to pander to the mass U.S market. Irrespective of whether you prefer this or other releases you have simply got to see them live... Crawl is easily on a par with The Bucket when heard live, but in a studio The Bucket is way ahead. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising the songs, or standard of songs but rather the production... much preferred the raw sound of Aha Shake and Youth and Young. But buy this album... it's still better than all the other dross out there.


I have loved Kings of Leon for years, and loved their southern folksy sound of Youth and Young Manhood. Although their latest cds have been awesome too (of course!) I absolutely love Only By The Night. people may slam it, say they are turning "pop-y" to fit in and become more popular, i think thats bull****!
I think its fresh and an excellent new sound. Love Kings! :D


One word Fan-fooookin-tastic


Personally i think there getting too much attention!Everyone says "ohhh sex on fire some tune"!!how about listen to the rest of the album and for that matter listen to the previous albums!!there more than just that one or two song band!!Possibly the best band around today but i don't want to see them turn into something as big as that slut Rihanna!!!


deano is correct


Charmer is my song of the year.


Kings of leon are all of a sudden the greatest band in the world after sex is on fire? i disagree, they have always been a pretty amazing band just nobody gave them credit till they made it on radio 1!


I haven't been a fan of KOL for long just recently heard bout em..but sh!t..they stealing my heart and mind..i f*ck!ng love these people..!! <3!



Jack (:

I Want You is the best track on the album....i love it!


loving this album!
revelry is a mint song :D

Nat :]

A boat load of bland in a sea full of crap = King of Leon.


So many Great comments...many are so true! cant decide on a favorite song all done so well, ive been slowly loving them more and more since november of 08.
I must agree with rachel especially, very well put ...
It's full of meaningful lyrics, moving ballads, catchy beats, and rich vocals.
It's fresh, comforting, and a beautiful listen.
...Might be safe to say Kings of Leon is a part of my soul! :-)
Keep it coming!
I love it.


The first 4 tracks would make any album worth. Commercial? For God's sake, then what's Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or Green Day? Pop? Teenage friendly rock?
And then, from this Kings of Leon's 4th album, besides the four initial tracks there are the other ones, such as Use Somebody, Revelry, Notion or Cold Desert. In my humble opinion, next to the Pearl Jam's Ten, Radiohead's OK Computer or The White Stripes' Elephant and Icky Thump, truly an epic, such as the previous KOL's record. And we don't get bored, once we don't get lost in too many tracks like in a Red Hot Chili Peppers' album. Perfect to listen to when roamming in the old sites of Lisbon or contemplating the cliffs and waves of the south-west Portugal desert beaches. How did KOL know these places in order to compose such songs?

H. Lisbon

Thiss Album Rockss, for all the people who dont like them who do u like jb i mean get real :P

BIllyyyy ;)

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