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Kings Of Leon The First Band To Sell 250,000 Digital Albums In The UK

If you're a hacky newspaperman (or a hacky blogger, ahem) you start stories about Kings of Leon being bigger in the U.K. than they are here. You might mention that they can't take a shit at a McDonald's in Piccadilly Circus without someone stopping them, but here, they can't get arrested for public masturbation. Or something less vulgar if you still write for a newspaper, I guess.


Then you move on to the next graph, and you can mention this little tidbit: The Tennessee band is the first band in the U.K. to sell 250,000 digital albums. Their fourth album, Only By the Night, has now moved that number of downloads in the U.K., staying in the top 75 since its release in September 2008.


There, your story is almost finished. Just throw in some bit about how "powerful" and "seductive" the band is, and then get a quote from a mouth-breathing fan, and you're all done. [Spinner]   

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Kings of Leon

Never understood the UK's love for Kings of Leon. Radiohead's Ed O'Brien sang them high praises, and ultra-glamboy Vince Noir (from the Mighty Boosh) is always talking about them. Kings of Leon sort of sound like a contemporary Candlebox to my ears, but I just hear whatever's on the radio. Any defenders?

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As for why they became so famous in the UK first, it has a lot to do with image (like a lot of musical things do in the UK). They were considered exotic, being rural US musicians.

I interviewed Nathan in 2007 for a Hittin' the Note cover story, and here is what he told me: "To Americans four boys from Tennessee don’t seem that special. But to an English person...they were surprised that we got off the plane with socks and shoes on. That’s why we got big over there quicker than over here."

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