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Kings Of Leon Reschedule 'Pigeon Poop' St. Louis Show

Kings of Leon may never live down the fact that they played a show where a pigeon pooped into the mouth of their bass player. But they only have themselves to blame—instead of covering up the story, drummer Nathan Followill took to Twitter to give an account of what happened, and laughter was heard ringing out across the land.


A tersely worded statement issued by the group was critical of the Verizon Amphitheater in St. Louis where the incident occurred, and fans probably didn’t expect them to return to the scene of the crime. But, in a surprise twist to the story, Kings of Leon are coming back to St. Louis, and they are playing the same venue once again.


The pigeons of Missouri will no doubt be delighted by this news, and this may end up being one of the few shows in rock music history where the rafters of an outdoor venue are watched more closely than the band. Tickets are on sale for a mere $10, while folks who attended the original pigeon fest can get in for free.   


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Kings of Leon

was there at the concert and god i was frigging disappointed and livid! good on kol.
people may joke but c'mon, bird crap dropping on you i mean, once, well, maybe, but more than once… really expect a musician to stand there for 45 minutes while excrement rains on him/her? i mean that runny pigeon crap is nasty...if you get some on your face, you just want to throw's sickening man...only a moron would expect someone to play for 45 minutes while they are being dumped on by poop.

and for those of you who are blaming kol, why aren’t you blaming the venue?…bird excrement is considered a health hazard so much so that here in NYC where i live The New York Transit Authority was ordered to pay over $6 million to a man who suffered serious injuries after slipping on a bird droppings and falling on a flight of subway stairs and a teacher won $1.2 million in a settlement with a Florida school district after contracting Cryptococcosis from bird excrment.

no one should have to suffer pigeon crap continuously splattering on you while you work.


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