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Kings Of Leon Deny Kicking Out Singer

It's still sort of crazy to me that Kings of Leon are like super huge stars. They are covered by tabloids like Star Magazine and others, which seems nuts for a band that started as "the Southern Strokes." For instance, Star just reported that the band is in the process of kicking out Caleb Followill, and that Matthew and Jared Followill are going to be taking over lead vocals, because of Caleb's recent breakdowns onstage that caused the cancellation of the group's U.S. tour. 

But apparently the band denies those reports, tweeting and commenting that they have not kicked out Caleb. That's right, Kings of Leon are so huge that they have to comment about reports about them in gossip mags. They really deserve it, right guys? [NME

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Kings of Leon

.......they didn't kick Caleb out you #%&!tards. They're brothers! They've seen this stuff before. And they know that they"ll probably see it again. It could have been any one of them at any given time. So quit being a manure spreader. All that talent Caleb has comes with bumps. Nothin"s fer free.....

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