Kings of Leon Call Arcade Fire Names

    Kings of Leon have become Really Big Stars over the past couple of years, and they’ve used that stardom as a bully pulpit for important things like expressing hatred of hipsters, and their right to special treatment in all things, including music festival port-a-potties. Today came news that drummer Nathan Followill, in an interview with SPIN magazine, is building on the band’s reputation and going one step further by insulting specific bands – in this case, Arcade Fire. Because Kings of Leon are a band known for doing what they do for the music and not, say, for the clothes:


    “Now it’s cool to have 14 people in your band doing everything but contributing musically, running around with a helmet on your head, hitting it with a drumstick. You gotta look at what you’re in this for: the love of music? The fame? You can have all that if you’re smart and play your cards right and don’t become a dick.”


    “Carles” over at Hipster Runoff did a quick search and found a direct correlation between people who are in bands and wear helmets onstage that they hit with a drumstick and one Richard Parry, of Arcade Fire.


    The beauty of this is that Arcade Fire don’t back away from beefs. Remember the time Win Butler wrote that response to the whole Sasha-Frere Jones thing? Or that open letter to Wayne Coyne and like, everyone else? Here’s hoping he’ll have a few good burns in response to this. The best comeback of all would only require him to state the obvious. [Hipster Runoff]