King Khan & BBQ Show Join Forces with Black Lips as Almighty Defenders, Ready Debut Album

    So the idea that Black Lips’ escape from India was maybe created/sensationalized by Vice for publicity certainly got some weird corroborating evidence this week, as King Khan & BBQ Show and Black Lips have joined forces and announced an album as Almighty Defenders, which was recorded when the Lips were “stuck” in Germany without passports post-India incident. The album happened allegedly by chance, as BBQ Show, aka Mark Sultan, also happened to be crashing at Khan’s place in Berlin when the Lips showed up and it was too cold to go sight-seeing, and they recorded an album instead. Manufactured or not, this probably promises to be full of crazy garage rock.


    Vice has announced that the self-titled debut will be out on September 22. The band played their debut show at NXNE last weekend, but their newly created MySpace has no other dates listed.