Kimya Dawson And Jeffrey Lewis To Release Album As The Bundles

    Antifolk leaders Kimya Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis have been collaborating loosely since 2001, and earlier this year they recruited some formidable help–Karl Blau and Lewis’s bandmates Jack Lewis (Jeffrey’s brother) and Anders Griffin–to record a proper album as the Bundles, says Pitchfork. For fans of lo-fi sincerity this group of collaborators threatens to create an album so good that it will render all other music trivial.


    Half of the as-yet-unnamed album has been previously recorded by Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis and released on AFNY Collaborations Volume I (pictured; the rest of the album was filled out by collaborations between Jeffrey Lewis and Diane Cluck), but those songs have been re-recorded with the new band (Dawson’s LiveJournal says so) and may bear little resemblance to the 2002 versions. Recording took place at the Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, Wash., far away from antifolk’s home on the Lower East Side, and will be released by K Records, the same label that’s brought us Blau’s and Dawson’s recent work. The Bundles’ debut will be out on March 9.